The 7 Most Worrying Things About Happiness

7 most worrying things about happiness. Worrisome happiness
7 Most Worrying Things About Happiness

Have you ever considered happiness can be bad? Would happiness result in worry? The answer is yes, it can. Today we will discuss 7 most worrying things about happiness. These are some philosophical aspects related to happiness that are worrisome. For example, happiness’s is often linked to our goals & achievement in life. But our success is linked to someone else’s failure, our happiness can cause sorrow for others. Happiness is also related to the fulfilment of desires, and the limits of desires have not been determined yet, etc.

The 7 Most Worrying Things About Happiness

For most of us, happiness is the ultimate goal of life. We work for our happiness, we strive for it. But some people suffer from cherophobia – the fear of being happy. Also, scientists research the side-effects of being too happy. Religion, society and personal feelings dictate certain aspects of happiness. The happiness of a person is not always perfect in itself or good in general. Lets’ discuss some most worrying things about happiness. 

1. Unlimited Sources of Happiness

With the advent of advanced technology, we are very well aware that health, strength, beauty, travel and tourism, luxury items, the existence of a luxury life is possible and it is available to a large number of people. The thing to understand is that the more a person achieves these facilities of life, the happier is he.

Unlimited sources of happiness are worrisome because they cause unhappiness
Unlimited sources of happiness is a worrying things because they cause unhappiness

According to the scientific investigation of the human body, dopamine – one of the happiness hormone releases whenever we accomplish any task. Here the problem arises that the more sources of happiness are available, the greater we desire to get them all and more we ‘chase’ them again & again. In this way, the desire become unlimited leaving a person frustrated.

2. Feelings of Happiness is Not a Measure of Happiness – Worrying Aspect of Happiness

Sound strange, right? Let this put in a simple that the feelings of being happy are not the ultimate goal of life, according to some religious philosophies. The personal feelings of the individual are false to them so these feelings cannot be a measure of happiness. Yes, it is enough to point out here that if an individual continues to fulfil his duties following the basic principles of the collective human conscience, which includes worship in addition to the rights of worship, then there is a purpose and spirituality in addition to the material aspect to achieve happiness. That is enough for those who consider spiritual discovery and Nirvana, or the discoveries and miracles of Sufis and Mujaddids as real happiness and seek it. They acknowledge that the pursuit of real happiness is by living in the realm of ideology and by certain moral values.

3. Money can bring happiness but not every rich person is happy

We all know that financial stability is the most important means of bringing happiness to human life. It can alleviate hunger, sickness and other confusions with the help of money and the necessities of life also depend on it. But are all those who have money happy with life? Or are those who are financially weak all dissatisfied with life? Certainly not. There are people in poverty who are happy and content with life, and there are a large number of emperors who are thirsty for happiness in life. Also, it it historically proven fact that our ancestors were happier and more satisfied than us even though they did not have money.

4. “Health is Wealth” but those who are Healthy are Unhappy

Bertrand Russell called the health of the human stomach the most important of the principles of a prosperous life, but in reality, the matter is not limited to the stomach. Every organ and cell is important in its place and any disturbance is an obstacle to a prosperous human life.

Rich poor and poor people are unhappy at the same time.
Rich poor and poor people are unhappy at the same time.

There is no doubt that there is no blessing in worldly blessings other than the blessing of health. If you are healthy you can earn money and build social relationships. But it is a general observation that most of us do not count health as a blessing. For example, the lower class of society, which are usually labourers, poses good health and can do strenuous work easily. Are they happy with their life? Certainly not.

5. Pursuit of Happiness Results in Unhappiness

Scientific research is going on that how the pursuit of happiness leaves us unhappy in reality. To seek happiness, we are in constant struggle ignoring our physical & mental health. By only focusing on our desire to be happy, we become selfish and often damage our social relationships. Loss of moral values results in spiritual damage. This chasing of happiness leaving behind our friends, family and relationships is a worrying thing about happiness.

6. Happiness is Dictated by our Genes is a Worrying Thing About Happiness

Our body also determines the amount of happiness a person feels. The hormones serotonin, dopamine, endorphins and oxytocin are more notable. The number of these hormones fluctuates according to the events that take place in human life, but it is also true that some people have a higher average number of these hormones than others and such people are happier in life. The most serious aspect of this is the average level of hormones a person inherits from his parents, that is, genetically determining how many of these will continue to give you happiness.

Mathematical formulas can easily explain this. For example, if the highest levels of these happiness hormones takes number ten position, then some people are genetically born with levels of these hormones between seven and nine. These people are usually happy in life. They smile more and have positive thinking. Hormonal levels do not drop below number seven even in severe grief or depression and just after a few days their hormone levels come back to their average.

Some people are born with the average level of hormones inherited from their parents. It is between three and five. Levels of these hormones do not rise above the fifth or maximum sixth level. This condition also occurs for a short time. These hormones also soon return to their inherited average, between three and five.

Looking at this relationship between hormones and happiness, can we conclude that shortly we will see these hormones at medical stores and we will be able to buy happiness according to our ability?

7. The Happiness of One Person Cause Sorrow for Others

In every game, one player wins while the other party becomes runner-up. Happiness attached to achievement always follows sorrow of the losing teams. But it does not mean that we should not struggle for any achievement. Here it is worth mentioning that greediness and use of unjust means often hurt others. People addicted to be happy indulge themselves in dangerous behaviours often negatively impacting others around.  

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