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Top 10 Ways to Make Drinking Milk More Enjoyable


Bored of drinking plain milk? Consider adding some flavor to it with the below to make drinking milk more enjoyable. You’ll be asking for more milk in no time!

Is it important to drink milk daily?

Whether you’re taking cow’s milk or goat’s milk, it is important to drink milk regularly. 87% of milk is water which helps in hydration. It is an effective way to get a variety of essential nutrients, such as:

  • Protein is important for growth, development, muscles strengthening.
  • Vitamin A is important for healthy skin, immunity, and good vision.
  • Phosphorous is essential for healthy bones, supports metabolism, digestion and excretion.
  • Carbohydrates and fats supply energy and helps gaining healthy weight.
  • Vitamin B12 is crucial for healthy red blood cells and supports nerve functioning.
  • Calcium strengthens bones, teeth, and for proper brain working.
  • Zinc builds immunity and fight against infections.
  • Vitamin D is required for stronger bones and for the improvement of blood circulation.
  • Potassium is good for blood flow to vital organs.

Ways to make drinking milk more enjoyable

Want to bring a lot of joy this summer? Take mouthwatering healthy milk drinks. Hope these drinks will make your taste buds happy. Come on! Hurry up and enjoy these milk drinks!

1. Add Rose Water or Other Natural Remedies

Do you know that rose water flavor as milk? Not only rose water, rose syrup too! Adding rose water to milk may serve as an anti-inflammatory for pain.

Chill it instead of making it warm. Adding rose syrup to milk will provide an aesthetic aroma too. You’ll enjoy smelling and drinking both!

What about adding honey to warm milk? A superb idea! It will not only act as a sweetener but can also help you enjoy a good sleep. You can also add saffron to milk to help lower the symptoms of a cold or fever.

2. Add Vanilla Extract

Adding vanilla extract flavoring or maple syrup can make milk more tasty. Even you can convince your toddler easily to drink it. You can enjoy all of your 2-3 servings of milk per day with vanilla mixture to your milk.

You can also add a dash of chocolate powder. Mixing it in a drizzle of maple syrup can work as a sweetener. Isn’t that great? You and your child will enjoy a healthy drink!

3. Make an Ice-cream milkshake

This is one of the delicious ways to make drinking milk more enjoyable. An ice-cream milkshake is the tastiest drinks made with milk. Don’t know how to make it?

Take a glass of regular drinking milk. Add your favorite flavor of ice cream to it. Now, blend it finely to make a mixture in a blender machine. Keep in a refrigerator to cool it.

Drink an ice-cream milkshake (Yummy!) Relish your lips enjoying the taste of ice cream and milk. Drinking it, you supply your body with an adequate amount of phosphorous, magnesium, and calcium. At the same time, you can satiate your tongue too.

4. Add Chocolate to milk

Mixing chocolate to milk is, no doubt, the most favorite drink ever. Kids love it too!

Chocolate milkshake is a perfect source of vitamin B-12, choline, calcium, and phosphorous. All you need is to mix milk, sugar, ice cream (optional), and chocolate syrup. You can also add chocolate powder to make this drinking milk more enjoyable at home. Do you love Nutella? Adding it to milk is a good option too!


5. Mix dates or Dried Dates Powder

Dates are nutrients rich ingredients. These are amazing super food having so many health benefits. A glass of dates in milk is one of the smartest ways to make drinking milk more enjoyable.

You can add either only dates or almond along with dates in milk. Dried dates powder is available in market. You can also make dried dates powder at home.

Isn’t dates a perfect addition to milk while sweetening at the same time? This delicious drink is full of energy and contains lots of trace minerals that are quite healthy for all the body functions.

6. Mix banana, Banana Powder, or banana flavor

Banana is one of the fruits that is available throughout the year. Plus, it’s everyone favorite fruit as well.

Mix bananas in milk, add sugar, and blend it.  Great!  That will contain more calories than regular milk. Bananas in milk are ideal for helping reach a healthy body. It has good dietary fiber with lots of Vitamin C.

If you want to make it easy, add banana powder or banana flavor.  Banana powder, you can make it at home or buy it. But, banana flavor are only available in market.

A bonus tip: As bananas and milk combo improves digestion and increases immunity.

7. Mixed Berry Milkshake

Mix vanilla ice cream, blackberries, blueberries, sliced strawberries, and milk. Mix all the ingredients in a blender till the contents become smooth. Pour the mixture into glass and drink this healthy mixed berry shake.

When such healthy ingredients combine with milk, you will get a nutrients loaded drink. It is rich in magnesium, calcium, zinc, vitamin C, and vitamin D. Try a glass of mixed berry shake if you are bored of drinking the dull milk daily.

8. Turmeric Milk

If you have cough and cold, turmeric milk drink is perfect. Adding powdered turmeric in milk is ideal for healing purposes. Doctors recommend patients to drink turmeric milk for rapid healing from injury.   

Both turmeric and milk are rich in antioxidants. Even for routinely healthy body, you can take turmeric milk once in two weeks. Or always drink whenever feel symptoms of a cold. An important thing to remember about turmeric milk is that it is more suitable for the rainy and winter season rather than summer.

But you can take a small amount of turmeric during summer if you have symptoms of the cold.

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 9. Add Dry Fruits and Nuts

Dry fruits especially nuts are rich in highly nutritious super foods. Some people love drinking nuts blended in milk. You can just blend them in blender and enjoy a delicious drink.

Dry fruits milk helps kids to gain their weight. These also add good amounts of vitamins, fibers, and minerals to the milk.

Dry fruits instantly add flavor to the milk and make it more enjoyable. You just need to chop up a few dates, raisins, almonds, walnuts, pistachios, or cashews. Sprinkle your favorite dry fruit onto your milk. Adding candied dry fruits can make the milk’s taste more delicious. Yummy!

10. Add Cereals

Cereals are nutrient-dense. This is what kids (especially) love the most! Even young kids, too, enjoy slurping on their favorite breakfast.

Milk added to cereals is not only healthy but tasty as well. It increases the growth rate of children. When cereals are added in milk, it helps absorbing the flavors finely! That’s why everyone loves drinking cereals added in milk. I’m sure you’ll love it too!

Safe Milk Alternatives if You are Lactose Intolerant

The above suggestions may not prove good if you are lactose intolerant. Though you still need calcium! Prefer using products that are not unhealthy for you so you can get optimum calcium. You can consider the following milk alternatives if you are lactose intolerant:

Use the lactose free milk if you are lactose intolerant.
Lactose intolerance
  • Calcium-fortified juices
  • Soy milk
  • Almond Milk
  • Pea milk
  • Coconut milk
  • Quinoa milk
  • Goat’s milk
  • Oat milk
  • Hemp milk
  • Rice milk
  • Cashew milk

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