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We have all been rejected. We know exactly how it feels. It’s hurtful, It’s painful, It’s full of struggle. That’s because of FMRI studies state that the same areas of the brain that activates when we are rejected as when we experience physical pain. There is such a big correlation and science between emotional reaction and physical pain. And beating yourself up is the worst thing you can do after rejection. We take a temporary piece of information, we start to imagine it, sensationalize it. It’s almost like we start writing totally imaginative headlines about our life rather than accepting reality. Don’t take it personally but do take it curiously.

When we get curious about rejection it can be useful as a way of actively learning. When we do not take rejection personally but take it curiously and actively, we actually start changing our lives.

Life is Unique!

Every aspect of life is unique, and for that reason it warrants reverences. When we look at life from a much bigger perspective we recognize that everything is a part of the whole then that to me is something that warrants is honoring. There is something that is just innately miraculous about looking at a newborn baby. And even though the baby is not really contributing anything to the household like they are not, you know, paying house rent, they don’t have a job, they are not mowing the lawn, but there is reverence for life because of the pure possibility that now is available to that human being.

The Desire Of Getting Same Life Should Be Rejected.

People do not treat themselves with the same reverence that was once afforded them when they first arrived on the planet. Something was said, something was witnessed that made us think as a human being that now I have to do something beyond what I was previously doing. I have to act and behave in a way that now is new to me in order to keep getting the love and acceptance that as a human being we crave. And from that moment, which is usually a very young age, we start to redefine who we are? And we start to manipulate our behavior because now we have this incessant desire to be loved and accepted. Fundamentally we do not feel we are just by being who we are. And that to me starts the journey of suffering for a human being.

Things People Do After Get Rejected From Somewhere.

So, people will turn to substances. It might start with, like, alcohol. It could then lead to pot-smoking, prescribed drugs, heavier drugs. And so currently human being is sort of designed to look at themselves through this. This self-deprecating perspective that who I am fundamentally is somehow not enough. And at some point in the evolution of a human being, in the arc of their life, there’s a distinct moment where you suddenly feel for the first time that just being me is no longer enough.

How To Get Rid With This Stigma?

Conformity to me is one of the greatest killers because we are under the impression that if I fit into my gang, to my community, to my family, to the tradition of my religion, or whatever it might be that’s where I’m gonna find love and acceptance. But to me it’s quite the antithesis of the truth, which is no, you are a unique expression of life.

Being rejected is not fatal; it is merely someone's opinion.
Being rejected is not fatal; it is merely someone’s opinion.

No one is like you. And true love is to honor that to really nurture that because, in a way that people don’t understand, we are each a unique offering to the whole. But as soon as we try to become like the whole, we now lose that sense of unique contribution and that to me is the real awakening to our inherent value that inherent is not based on our bank account or on our status on social media, but by simple virtue of the fact that you are literally one in 8000000000.

The Process Of Spiritual Evolution

The process of spiritual evolution that is available to us as human beings is to chip away everything that is not us. Being human is the opportunity to truly tap into something that is so powerful is understanding the real nature of life. That is the gift. That is why honoring all beings and having the sense of reverence for life itself is the access to an experience of being human that to me can’t be suppressed.

To really tap into the essence of what it means to be alive and to be human, that is the real treasure.

Steps To Make Life Easier.

There are so many people out there working harder and harder and doing more every day but they are getting nowhere. We are trained to think that if we work hard all the time, and if we are really really busy we are going to be successful. But actually this idea is stopping you and blocking you from achieving the success you desire.

The biggest step towards success is taking massive aligned action that’s going to lead you to tap into your vision, purpose, goals. You see, alignment is a buzz word. It’s being thrown around everywhere. And there’s is all these people saying ” I want to live in alignment”. But what are you actually aligning to?

Step 1

what are you actually aligning to?

What is my vision? that I unapologetically desire to manifest in my life? and then sit down and write whatever comes through that is true to you.

Step 2

Become this version of you!

So, ask yourself. How does the version of me talk, How do I think?, How do I act? What do I choose? What do I say yes to and what do I say no to?

Step 3

Take Action

Alignment is not about sitting there on the couch hoping and praying that everything’s going to show up. It is about doing, but it’s aligned doing not busy doing. And from this place, ask yourself. What can I do right now? In order to take aligned action towards my vision.

Remember this: One step of aligned action is more powerful than 30 steps of misaligned actions.

Getting Rejected Makes You Go, Harder The Next Time.

See rejection as a redirection.
See rejection as a redirection.

It has been said that failure is feedback. It’s not saying that you can never make it, you can’t do this, you are not good enough. This is feedback. When you get rejected in something you love, you get better. All of these people have endured failure. Anyone you admire, anyone you inspire to be like has been rejected. The more you experience rejection the more things you have to celebrate and sometimes hearing no is actually leading us towards the right yes. Hearing no for the wrong idea is leading towards the yes for the write idea. Because when you keep hearing no, It pushes you in the direction of flow to figure out what you need to do.

“Every time I thought I was being rejected from something good, I was actually being re-directed to something better.”

Steve Maraboli

Rejection is moving you towards it. You will get to where you want in life. Just not in the way you imagined it. We have this picture-perfect idea of how we believe something gonna happens. And that’s actually what blocks us from getting there.

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