Switzerland A Small Heaven On Land


Everyone has a favorite dream destination which they want to visit at least once in a lifetime. As the choices can be different from each other.  And obviously, the reasons can be different because everybody has a different personality and mindset. As we all know the world is full of beautiful places but some are really beyond the explanation. And in this beautiful world if I talk about Switzerland I am sure it is one of the most desirable destinations for some of us. It’s not that it is a beautiful place but also we have seen many Bollywood movies and they had shot their songs there. Similarly, that is why; many people want to visit this place at least once. Do you remember some Bollywood movies and those beautiful songs? Gosh! I am in love with it and I guess most of us also feel the same.

Some facts

Switzerland is not a very big country. It is a tiny country but if we talk about its tourism, this country earns equals to any large famous country. Everything helps to increase the tourism of the country. If you want to visit Switzerland, its most affordable transport system helps you to travel throughout the country at affordable prices. Furthermore, this country has the lowest crime rate. So you won’t feel unsafe and easily go wherever you want. Most people suffer through this problem that when they go somewhere the food is not what they want. But in Switzerland, people don’t even face this problem as compared to other places. 

10 beautiful places to visit

Above all here are some most beautiful places in Switzerland that I am sure you must visit when you go there. 

1) Matterhorn, Zermatt

Noteworthy, it looks like a pyramid-shaped giant and without a doubt, it is a most photographed place in the whole world. above all, It is also very much famous in Switzerland also and it is the highest peak in the country. It stands tall at the 4478 meters in height. Some people really dare to go to this place. Furthermore, a cable car facility is also available. The highest car cable takes skiers and snowboarders in winters and hikers go there in summers.

2) Chateau de Chillon, Montreux

it is one of the most iconic places in Switzerland. Situated in the heart of the Swiss Riviera on the side of Lake Geneva. This place has 25 buildings and three courtyards. The halls of that place have ancient paintings of 14 century. It has towers, subterranean vaults, bedrooms; weaponry and furniture which are preserved as in their real form.

3) The Jungfrau Region

Jungfraujoch is the best place for those people who love quiet places. above all, The ‘big three’ – glacial monoliths Jungfrau, Monch, and Eiger – tower it truly covers green meadows and winding mountain and it gives the pleasuring sight to the tourist. certainly, the town that is surrounded by this is a treat for travelers to visit Grindewald, Murren, Wengen, and Lauterbrunnen. Its beautiful train trip is a thing to remember for years.

4) Swiss National Park, Zernez

This is one and the only national park. It covers an area of 172 square km of untouched snow-rusted glaciers, waterfalls, and spectacular woodlands. It has 21 hiking paths that give a full chance to travelers to visit this mind-blowing place and enjoys its flora. Sometimes if the luck is in your court you can see rare golden eagles, chamois, ibexes, and marmots.

5) Lake Geneva and surrounding cities

The beauty of this place is that it is cover by Geneva from the west and Lausanne from the east. It covers the area of 582 square km. the lake gives a poetic view to the whole place. Ferries, paddle steamers and boats paddle through its topaz waters daily. It is the active and 3rd biggest city of Switzerland. There are almost 200 international organizations and the United Nations work there. seems like its crowd is also different from the other places. Furthermore, it has museums and restaurants. Noteworthy, it also holds the biggest fountain of the world i-e Jet d’Eau. Through its postcard, you will get to about the place easily.

6) Lugano

This city is mainly inspired by Italian patterns. It is mainly concern with heritage structures and museums. This city is also famous because the celebrities of Monte Carlo of Switzerland worked in this region.

7) Bern

It is the capital of Switzerland and when you start even more visiting the city you will easily get the idea because of its narrow cobblestoned streets. this city holds its historic importance as well. seems like it is one of the most preserved cities as its culture is still the same in old times. therefore it has fountains, bars, cafes, and cabaret stages. It enhances the feature of the botanical garden.

8) Lucerne

therefore, it is also situated in the heart of Switzerland which is feature by mountains panorama. Fortified towers, wooden bridges, and timeworn churches festooned with antique frescoes helps to maintain its originality.

9) The Rhine Falls

This is Europe’s largest waterfall. It enhances the tourism of Switzerland. It flows in the area of 150 meters. Those who dare to go so they rent canoes and travel all the area and its nearest sides. On the Swiss national day, spectacular fireworks take place at is the place.

10) Zurich

Zurich probably the most important part of Switzerland to visit. it seems like if you have gone to Switzerland and you didn’t visit this place then I guess your visit won’t consider completed. similarly it holds an important place in the country’s tourism. on the other hand, the nightlife of Zurich is a thing to experience. even more, it also connects to its historical background. It has almost 50 museums and 100 art galleries.

Summing up

Wow! It feels even more great to read some mind-blowing things for your favorite place. furthermore, at the end of this beautiful reading journey, just imagine how those people feel when they visit this heavenly place? All those celebrities are so lucky that they got the chance to go there and shot those beautiful songs and movies. therefore I am sure you will also a little fascinate in this beautiful place. I am in love with Switzerland are you as well?

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