Silence Is The Best Response!

Silence is sometimes the best answer.

“Silence is a source of Great Strength.”

― Lao Tzu

Silence gives us the opportunity to listen to others and more importantly to ourselves. Yet the inner-silence also is very important. Since, it gives us a chance to listen to our inner voices. It helps us to turn our thoughts and focus inwards and live the present moment now not the past not the future.

It seems most times the problem we have with ourselves as humans are the problem of saying what is not yet ready to be put forth. We all seem to have this problem, and most times there are countless reasons why we do this. To make people know that we are somebody who also has his own worth. We try to make ourselves look big, try to talk other down, and sometimes gain some aggressiveness. Some god-like reverences to ourselves. We are ready to say everything that can be said to have a stand on a position that has is of worth and make people see us as important too. And in the process, we say more than we actually should. The reason is, there is a very small group of people who know the real importance of silence.

Importance Of Silence.

The Importance of Silence.

Have you ever thought of the importance of silence? Have you ever think about why you have given two lips and a brain to think? The main reason is for you to know by reasoning the right time to talk and the right time not to. To be able to envisage when our words are needed to be heard, and when we are to be silent even when the situation and circumstances around us seemingly want us to speak out.

Words Can Hurt Someone, Silence Can’t.

Yes, life can be a bit complicated and demanding. It can throw you off balance and give you no reason to be logical. However, since you have no control over many situations, but you do have control over your own life. Look on yourself more than you look and meditate on others. Saying too much is providing an arsenal for you to get hurt with your words. Being mysterious on the other hand makes people go the extra mile to be your friend. You don’t want to give them any ammunition to attack. Be still, in your conversations and thoughts and keep the people around you guessing, keep them wondering and looking over their shoulder for you.

The More You Say, The More You Are Obliged To Prove!

The smarter you get, the more you listen and the less you say.
The smarter you get, the more you listen and the less you say.

People will yell at you, you do nothing, you say nothing. They will come calling on you, when you do not want, stay calm, say nothing. You are not doing them a favor. You are doing yourself a favor. Hearing nothing from you will give them much to think about when they want to approach you. You become that guy or that girl that makes them feel unsure of themselves. Your silence disrupts their confidence. Now, this makes you protected from everyone that will just brag you for useless things. It breaks their flow of thought regarding you. They just don’t know how to get to you anymore. You don’t give them any means or a reason to.

It’s like a man who goes to a party with his friends and doesn’t dance. No one is going to laugh at his dance moves. Because he hasn’t danced. They will keep coming up with ways to define you just because you never provided them any. Instead of you trying to give reasons as to why you are better and why they are wrong, why not just keep quiet and steadily work toward your dream?

Silence Is The Best Response.

Bearing in mind that you have a goal better than the circumstances around you. We have heard the popular expression: “Silence is the best response to a fool”. The people around you do not necessarily need to be proven as fools because the whole essence of going down your particular path is for your own sake. Why don’t you keep them confuse with your silence? Keep them entirely thinking about you while you stay focused on your goals. Nobody is you and that is what makes the difference.

Words Could Not Help, But Actions Do.

Actions always prove why words mean nothing.
Actions always prove why words mean nothing.

The moment you start bearing in mind nobody knows anything about you is the moment you will begin to stand that talking to convince people about who you are doesn’t really work. You don’t need to tell them who you are, let them find out. Don’t give them exactly what they need to say about you. Let them play the guessing game. You do not necessarily need to respond to anything they say if they intend to draw out, some negative reactions from you. Just leave them in silence and let your actions do the talking. Smile on and confuse them with your choice of saying nothing. All you are required to do is to listen, and let them seek your voice. Let them find it hard to figure out.

Let Your Results Speak For You!

Work hard in silence. Let success make the noise.
Work hard in silence. Let success make the noise.

You don’t always talk about what you are up to. Let your results speak for you. Social media doesn’t always need to know about your grinding and hustles. People will know about it when they see your results. It’s the one thing you can’t fake. There’s a lot of fake people out there, talking a lot of crap about who they are and what they have accomplished. But one thing you can never fake is results. Be that person. The one who delivers. Not the topers, not the statement maker but the result maker. Confuse them with your silence and shock them with your results. Under talk over-deliver.

When you build in silence, they don’t know what to attack

Don’t let the haters get a chance to attack you before you have done anything. You must know the results will come if you get your head down and work. You don’t need to tell everyone what you are up to or who you think you are going to be. Just show them. Your work ethics will be shown in your result, your hustle will show in your results, your ability. There’s no need to tell everybody how great you are when you will become truly great they will tell you.

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