Science and Technology Involvement in Technology Advancement

(0) Involvement in Technology Advancement is a great initiative by the owner of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg to provide access to the internet all over the world. It is a joint venture between social networking websites to provide free or affordable access to the internet in the developing countries to increase efficiency. It gives free access to the data as Google, Wikipedia, Facebook and many more. as an important node is the best initiative to bring the internet in developing countries by giving free access to certain websites. It is a user-friendly open platform that gives pleasure to its user to connect and explore the world of internet. There are many websites that are available free of cost, and it does not need any extra charges, whether you use it from mobile or laptop browser. gives pleasure to the user and will let everyone do whatever they want to do in case of shortage of net. Many developing countries like Pakistan, Zimbabwe, India is struggling to give their customers more accurate piece of services using and making this service more reliable for the users.

Use of

The main purpose of is to make access to the internet. Particularly in mobiles with cheaper rates and designing such mobile devices that are more affordable, developing simple apps to reduce the amount of data and full speed access to use these applications. The USA gives concentrations on speed because users want connectivity in no time. Pakistan and India are struggling for it, whereas it’s not a question of giving high speed. It’s the matter of priorities that would be given to different websites by giving the access to all freaks who loves the internet in low rates. In Pakistan, Telenor is providing the services free of cost to get access to everyone. This service will be able to provide free apps to developing countries without data charges in the mobile. Facebook, Twitter, line and many other apps are part of this initiative, but the authorities providing more apps to be free. Internet services are good for you in case of any ambiguity.  But this is not suitable for streaming purposes, but suitable for chatting and texting like stuff with good quality. will give you access to a time when you have no time and resources to use the Internet freely. This is the best way to interact with people and making ease in their life.

Future of Countries

Facebook is contributing well in terms of providing free services all over the world. India is also providing free apps using, and the airtel zero is the first one company who is providing this app. The future of is bright because it will give more apps to the customers free of cost. By each passing day, people are struggling to get access to the internet, but now will be accessible, no tension to spend money on apps or Facebook, be online every time. The is becoming more popular day by day and making good changes in the perspective. This will be the greatest revolution of IT industry in the future. The Internet is making your life comfortable, so much and giving you more opportunities.


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