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Importance Of Multivitamins


Vitamins are organic micronutrients that help our body to perform different functions. They are bodybuilders, defenders, and maintenance workers. The most essential vitamins needed by our body are Vitamin A, D, E, C, K, and Complex Vitamin B( B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, B12). They are present in minute quantities in our bodies. The deficiency of these vitamins restricts our body to perform certain chemical and biochemical reactions. The excess of these vitamins causes toxicity, especially fat-soluble vitamins(A, D, E, and K) which are stored in fat. In this article, we will discuss why vitamins are necessary for our bodies and why children need multivitamins, how it impacts women of different ages and why it is crucial for women to take multivitamins and what are some health threats related to vitamin deficiency.

Why Vitamins are necessary for our body?

Vitamins contribute to performing different functions in our body.  

  • Vitamin A helps to see things in dim light. It is also essential for the growth and metabolism of body cells. It also helps to make white blood cells, which play a key role in the body’s defense system.
  •  Vitamin C And E are antioxidants. They neutralize toxic free radicals in our bodies, thus preventing cell damage. They are needed for the maintenance of a healthy immune system. 
  • Vitamin D helps our body to absorb calcium to strengthen our bones. Lack of vitamin D can lead to rickets in children, which is characterized by weak and soft bones. 
  • Vitamin K aids in blood clotting during an injury. Its deficiency can lead to hemorrhagic conditions. 
  • Complex vitamins B help your body and brain to function properly. They help in cell metabolism and provide energy to cells.

Vitamins are not synthesized in our body so we have to get them from other sources. Our kids are fond of eating sweets, soft drinks, and snack foods. They run away from the reservoirs of these vitamins found in different fruits, meat, fish, wheat, and eggs. So it’s difficult to feed them all the nutrients in the required amount daily.


Multivitamin supplements:

To overcome that, you can take multivitamin supplements for your kids. These multivitamins have child-friendly dosage forms like vitamin gummies, and chewable tablets so they can easily take sweet candy.

Multivitamins supplements contain all the essential nutrients that ensure the healthy growth and development of your children.

It contains 13 essential nutrients including Vitamin A for vision, Vitamin B  for energy, reducing weakness and fatigue, Vitamin E   for keeping the immune system strong, along with iodine, zinc, and inositol. Bio gro vitamin gummies also increase appetite and hunger in children who are picky in eating. It contains all the good stuff and doesn’t contain any artificial sweetener, preservatives, and filler ingredients. That’s why it is one of the best ingredients for your children’s health.

How to use these vitamin Supplements?

 These multivitamin gummies are easy to use, preferable after a meal.  For two-year-old children, one vitamin gummy a day. For children over 4 years, two gummies a day or as directed by the nutritionist or physician.  Ensure that you are not taking it in excess or more than the recommended dose. In this case, contact your doctor.

Vitamin supplements for women:

Multivitamins are essential for women of all ages.  The dose and requirement of all these multivitamins vary means teenagers have different requirements for multivitamins and it also differs for pregnant women as well as breastfeeding women. 

Multivitamins are important for wine throughout their life.  Sometimes the doctor recommends different multivitamins according to the diagnosis of different diseases like Vitamin D in case of osteomalacia in adults and rickets in children. Vitamin A for weak eyesight. Vitamin K for decreased blood clotting time.

Children and teenagers:

 Children and teens that have thor bodies in the developing stage have  Vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D supplements are a must for teenagers ranging the age 13-19 years.

Iron deficiency is one of the common deficiencies in children all over the world. The children feel lethargic and inactivity in outdoor games as well as in games that require active participation. So children in school must be given iron supplements to meet all the requirements in our bodies. 

Iodine deficiency also affects nearly two-thirds of the population. The deficiency of iodine leads to thyroid enlargement which leads to goiter. Iodine deficiencies in  children lead to mental retardation 

Pregnant and breastfeeding women:

Women in pregnancy have a deficiency of folic acid and vitamin D due to bone deficiency. The body has to meet the needs of the mother as well as the child. Pregnant women mostly have a deficiency of Vitamin D. 

Women above 50 years:

Women above  50 years or post-menopausal women require vitamin supplements for Vitamin A, D, C, and  K and Vitamin B complex vitamins. 


Vitamins are necessary for women however many women don’t take vitamin deficiency which can be very fatal in old age. Diet doesn’t meet the vitamin requirement for our body. It’s not financially possible for everyone to ensure a healthy diet that includes protein, beef, green vegetables, and fruit in their diet. Children, as well as women, should take multivitamin supplements to overcome vitamin deficiency in their bodies. As vitamins deficiency is alarming, so we should take vitamins as a habit daily to ensure that our body has all the nutrients in the right form to perform acti0on.

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