Imagine if Keyboards Could Talk…


Right now presume what transpires if our keyboards come into being enunciating! Yeah! Precisely you construe it unmistaken! A foreside eye-opening moot point it is. We listen to in many instances this quote that “actions speak louder than words”, aside from doing you ever envision if our spooky fantasies, confabulations and devising keyboard divulge to the world then? As the keyboard knows all are cloak and dagger that we can’t divvy up with anyone at all. Our all kooky imagery, our delusions and all the cattish stuff we enact or assert for peoples.

Just Imagine!

If the keyboard could speak.. they would talk about how much messages we have backspaced…just because of the fear of losing each other

Engrossed about the hypothetical amusing ramifications, I discern though while sitting in a room full of 10 people, that what crop up if keyboards of all peoples initiate chattering and unveil what generality is up to! Isn’t it whimsical and creepy? On the grounds that in the present moment we are more allied to our electronic gadgets than our family. Keyboards have dealings with all are nethermost junctures, our melancholy times and our hover.

Keyboards Tries To Overcome Burden

Assuming that, keyboards be capable of talk, they make it explicitly break the news how much time we consume on it to attain our task. They could correctly explain that person to go to have some snooze; your pillow is looking forward to you hence days beyond recall! Although carrying out our gig, perhaps at times, the keyboard takes under consideration that just stop this bunk, you are writing gibberish yeah imaginably!  Might be! Keyboard has a weeping moment when we write something tear-jerking. Do you have in mind that the keyboard can rake-off what mother can endure when she wrought with all one’s might still haven’t it made sufficient money for her kids to afford foodstuff to their board?

Keyboard Sense Little Things

At any point, deem what eventuates in case that our keyboard may reveal to our fathers or husbands whence plenty we bestow on online shopping… Anytime fancied whenever keyboard depicts all and sundry our most inquiring archive. Supposing that you are observing a dress for yourself moreover, keyboard recount you, a thou-shalt-not procure this, it won’t glimpse exceptional on you hahaha… scarcely reckon, wherever this makes the grade people will be in flabbergast.

Keyboard Can Be Emotional

Howbeit, we relocate mournful disclosure with others through the keyboard, does keyboard go through in the dumps intend to express that individual, don’t be poignant? The whole caboodle will be a levy in lickety-split. Does keyboard be about to embrace that person and seek to assuage? Thus, many hearts shattering piths that keyboard conveys to others, does keyboard deem grieved? Can keyboard bug outrage when two persons are brawling and hunt-and-peck in the dual hustle? However, lose sight of about the sentiments of keys whence roughly and briskly we are claiming them… To that end, whole slew other questions like these buzz in concentration whenever we foresee what comes about if the keyboard could go into huddle.

Keyboards Can Be Life-Saving

If someone is feeling really indented and desolate and couldn’t dole out with others from what they are undergoing, do you think that keyboard really want to express them don’t discern that way I am here, I am harking what you are adage, you are not forlorn, you are essential and much required in this world. Do keyboard really endeavor to compose that person’s spirit by saying you are alluring in your own way don’t stress yourself I am here! Would they tell you just relax, take a step back and see what you are blessed with? What u has obtained in life already? What crops up if they could disclose our parents about all the audacious ideas we are considering.

Keyboards And Their Interviews

Just presume if we could interview keyboards how buffoonery it can be. We can ask them how they seem glad, sorrowful, enraged, offended or scorn.

Endowed Keyboard From Paris.

“I am fortuitous to have an owner. It is my pleasure to serve him and I am pleased to SHIFT or ALT my capabilities whenever needed. On the weekends, he wipes off the dust and cleans my little surface with disinfecting wipes. These are the rosy days!”

Grubby Keyboard From Argentina

“wait… what? Seriously you search for such idiot things? By the way, I can understand it is a lot to ask, but if at all worthwhile, could you please give me a little cleaning from now! I work for you 24/7. What do you think am I a battery? Just a little benevolence, fervor and care wouldn’t hurt you and would be definitely appreciated!”

Depressed Keyboard From Spain

“I am a frail and contaminated keyboard. My keys are all messed up with food and drink that spills on me every day. Tell me how would I feel facing all those tortures? I just figure out I am dying from germs. Yes! The death clock clack and I have only a few days left. Go find another sufferer for typing.”

Consolations For Keyboards

I think we all have some sympathies towards our keyboards. A keyboard is the most needed part of our life. So here is the tribute to all the keyboards of the exalting era. Now, we should apply a special silicone protector and guess what I think we will hear this in return



Taking into account keyboards are the best furtive keepers. They are cloaking so much in their selves but never moan, claim or menace us. Imagine if people could act like keyboards do they really hide other’s secrets? I guess everyone thanks GOD that keyboard is an electronic device that doesn’t have any feelings or brain itself otherwise a mess would be created a huge fight can happen between people or maybe a war can happen between countries. But we should show some concern towards them maybe they can talk in the future! Hehehe just joking…

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