How To Wear A Wrap Dress?

How To Wear A Wrap Dress?

Is the wrap dress nothing new? Not at all! Its iconic style dates back decades. Its classic status ranking is proof of its versatility. Nowadays, brands are introducing renditions of this classic style. Dazzling with hemlines and fabrications, the wrap dress is a unique sense of dress you every style! In this article, I’ve rounded up the favorite iterations of the classic wrap dress style. The easiest ways how to wear a wrap dress!

History of wrap dresses

Wrap dresses were first worn by Elsa Schiaparelli in the 1930s and by Claire McCardell in the 1940s. House dresses called “Hooverettes” were in a fashion and had wrap style designs during the Great Depression. Elsa Schiaparelli’s real ‘popover’ design became the fashion goal for a variety of wrap-around dresses.

The dresses became more popular in the mid to late 1970s. The wrap style experienced renewed fame beginning in the late 1990s, especially after Diane von Fürstenberg revived her wrap dress in 1997. The Fürstenberg perception of the wrap dress, which is kind of a knee-length, in a cohere jersey, with long sleeves, was so famous. So, particularly the wrap style has generally become associated with her.

Diane von Furstenberg took the wrap dress as a garment that women could wear to work. It became a sign of women’s professionalism. Today, it is a staple design to wear especially in offices and other jobs. Hollywood’s sexiest celebs and bloggers the world over have styled various types of wrap dresses. From Studio 54 to the White House, these dresses have been styled by everyone from Madonna to Michelle Obama. Isn’t a wrap dress has become an essential part of every woman’s wardrobe?

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What are the stylish forms of wrap dresses?

The classy wrap dress is adding definition to your body type.
A stylish form of a wrap dress

The classic wrap dress is formed with a three-panel style made of the inner panel, the outside panel, and a belt or snaps to bring the dress together. Typically, it is tied or snapped over one hip (you can style it according to your choice). The dress is somewhat shaping your body perfectly but still forgiving enough to hide areas, especially around the rear end and hips.

The wrap dress is forgiving– can fit no matter whether you gain weight or lose weight. Hurrah! Its fit is made to form for you! You don’t need to force your body to fit into it.

The new versions of the wrap dresses may vary from black and white, floral mini dresses to the designed cotton midis. Wrap dresses can be carried out perfectly in summer, as they can simultaneously be elegant, sophisticated, stylish, and in vogue. The best thing is, they never go out of style—it’s literally been classy and modern for years.

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Wrap Dress Necklines

The dresses come with the same basic design but you can do little variations. It will make a difference in the way the outfit looks. Make changes in the necklines to look more charming.

Boat neck– It is a high-cut neckline that is wide across the area of the neck. The boat neck will leave your collarbone exposed keeping both of your shoulders covered.

Plunging– It is the secret of wearing a perfect wrap dress. This is the most famous style of the wrap dress that provides you with some cleavage and a little skin peek. When you choose this conservative style, this dress can be a way to display a little sexy side beautifully.

Scoop– The wide scoop neckline is very low that is exposing your collar bone, upper chest, and neck. This is usually wide enough to show a little cleavage, too.

V neck– Not just like the plunging neckline, it looks like the letter V. you can keep it low or high and may or may not show the cleavage.

Sweetheart– It has a heart-shaped design to add a touch of whimsy to your outfit. If you want to enhance your bustline and focus on the chest to make breasts look a little larger, this style is great for you.

Wrap Dress Sleeve Styles

Design the different sleeve lengths to put a classy effect on your dress. Love wearing the wrap-around dress? Alter the wrap dress length sleeves and styles to make or break your overall dress design. Here you go!

Cap sleeves– Short cap sleeves do not cover arms and leave them totally bare. Not comfortable covering your shoulder only and displaying your entire arm? This style is not for you!

Quarter-length sleeves– Ending below the elbow but before the wrist, these sleeves are wide at the bottom. You can also make these sleeves fit close to your skin.

Straps– Style straps instead of sleeves to expose almost all of your shoulders, neck, and arms. Great for a summer look, right? You can also put a sort of beachy twist on the modern wrap dress silhouette. If you want to wear a cute blouse but if you like the wrap look, then the wrap skirt styles are a good option.

Long sleeves– Pair the long sleeve styles with a wrap dress to give an outdated look. You can go with the standard long sleeves, bell sleeves, sleeves ending with cuffs, ruffles, elastic hems, wide openings, and wide sleeves.

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Where can you wear a wrap dress?

Wrap dresses would work great for taking the kids to the park, a day of running errands, spending time with family on a picnic, or when you’re camping out at home. You will feel cute wearing this!

One of the great outlooks of wearing a wrap dress is that it is so comfy to dress up or downone of the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe. You can easily dress it down by pairing it with a pair of sneakers or sandals. What about pairing it with a baseball hat for a charming and casual ensemble? It will make you look like you put a ton of effort into your dress.

Wear the wrap dress for your next date night, birthday party, wedding, anniversary party, work, church, and beyond! Finding what to style with a wrap dress is quite simple. Its versatile nature comes up with endless outfit ideas. Just as perfectly as you can dress it down, dress up the wrap dress with some fun jewelry, a stylish pair of heels or flats, and a satchel purse. 

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Different ways to wear a wrap dress

Summer style to wear a wrap dress

The wrap dress has earned the name of being a sexy but professional frock. There are many different ways to wear a wrap dress. You can reiterate the piece to potentially fit into any kind of aesthetic. If looking slinky isn’t your style, it doesn’t mean it is off-limits to you. Don’t know how to wear a wrap with a formal dress? Just find the certain way you like, and style it the way you love the most. To help you with this, ahead are styling tips on how to wear a wrap dress, try out the dress details to keep an eye out for.

  • Take the left tie while rotating it through the hole. Feed it around, you can go around twice so that it becomes safe to wear. Then, line up with the slit by tying it at the side– there you get it!
  • There is another way that does not require looping anything through. Simply take the two sides, tie them together and you will get a ruched effect. Then, go around so that everything is wrapped. Now, wrap it around your back and tie it at the front side in a tight bow. This is the go-to style of wearing the dress – you can wear it over jeans or with a slip underneath.
  • Like the above style, take the two ties together and pull them so you can have a ruched effect. Now, take the bottom tie, loop it around the hole, and get it into the same place again. This is really like you would normally do! Just wrap it around your back and get again at the front side– just so everything is perfect. Again, you can finish it by tying the dress at the back. Great!
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Quick styling tips to wear a wrap dress

  • Do you love wearing the wrap dress as simple? Take a style idea from the French girls. They typically pair the dress with a simple gold pendant. A necklace can pair amazingly with a v neckline- don’t go for all-out costume jewelry here!
  • Wear a wrap dress as an open outfit. It’s an incredible piece and wearing it open will add a lightweight topping and super classy dimension to your overall look.
  • Don’t want the dress to gape in the bust? If you do not want it to leave you to fidget all day, try sizing down when it’s too big in the bust. A wrap dress is simple to style, but the fitting can be tricky. So, try this in an easy way!
  • Wrap dresses, sometimes, can be lower in size, particularly on the busty ladies. To keep everything covered, a faux wrap dress can be a better option for you. It will give you the illusion of a defined waist while leaving a flawless look at the same time.
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Why should you have a wrap dress?

Think of a wrap dress as exactly a French item? No, it’s not! Parisian women adopted this piece in their closet which gives helpful ideas on how to wear a wrap dress and style it the French way!

A very flattering style, with the tie waist, adds definition to your body type. Wrap dress highlights even the slimmest area of your torso. It can flatter every one of all body types, heights, and styles, as well as complements different lifestyles. A wrap dress is a staple item to lean on! Ready to look timeless and classy!

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