How To Start A Photography Business?


Want to start a photography business? So, you’ve come to the best place to collect guidance. With so many commercial and artistic standpoint choices available for photographers these days, there won’t be a shortfall of platforms where you can sell your images. Remember that running a long-lasting and successful photography business is worth the wait!

First, however, there’s some crucial information you need to know before starting a photography business. The business, no doubt, requires a wide set of photography skills to build it. If you are already a great photographer, then you may require bringing in the talent for the operational side of the business.

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6 easy steps to start a photography business

Follow the easy steps how you can start a photography business.
Photography business

While starting your photography business, it involves both effort and time! You may have heard this; to build a profitable photography business, it is usually 10 percent your actual photography and 90 percent business! Don’t belittle how much time and money you’ll invest into this business. The exact money varies from equipment to materials you already own.

You’ll learn a lot of skills along the way, in addition to picking up skills to take lovely photos! Isn’t it great? Just follow these simple steps and start your photography business. Devote yourself to learning along the way!

Step 1: Decide what types of photography services you’ll offer.

Most businesses require photographers for their products for brochures. Businesses of magazines need photos to paste into the articles they’re publishing. Clothing businesses need good photography services for their models to display clothes. You can also provide your services to realtors as they require images of the homes they’re selling.

Don’t have much experience being a photographer? You can list out what you really like to capture, such as food, people, events, animals, landscapes, and architecture. Want to stick with non-business photography? There are some different niches, too, that you can decide on such as portraits or photographing weddings.

Wedding photography: It is an integral part of any wedding ceremony. A wedding photographer can take pictures solo or even as part of a team to take pretty snapshots of not only a couple but of their loved ones too, on the day of a wedding. Remember; being a wedding photographer you need to know that a couple is trusting you by giving you the responsibility to preserve wedding memories for so many years to come.

Family photography: As compared to taking nature or landscape photos, do not find yourself drawn while taking pictures with people in you. Professional photographers know how to make family and other people comfortable while clicking them. If you become successful in this, it is exactly possible for you to build an entire empire out of photography families, whether it be infants, children, couples, or even pets.

Stock photography: This is one of the unpopular but still good money-making ways for photographers. You can make it a profitable business by selling stock photos through sites like Shutterstock, Pixel, or Getty Images. These websites typically offer a pricing structure if you are willing to sell your lovely photos. The most general types of images you can take for such sites include nature shots and model shots, and any other random article shots.

Step 2 – How to make money?

There are a lot of methods you can use to make money as a photographer. Let’s summarize these simple money-making ways into three main categories: teaching photography, taking pictures, and selling pictures.

Expect to earn between $20 to $75 per hour if you’re a service-based photographer and you are just starting your business. But, when you become more experienced being able to break into the top end of the retail, you could even earn more than $500 per hour. Other than charging for the delivered product, consider pricing for added services, such as packaging, an album of pictures, and rush delivery. You can charge in one of the three following ways for service-based photographers:

  1. Package-pricing that includes charging for a certain number of edited or photo-shopped pictures
  2. Event-pricing, you can charge a fixed price for a particular event. Don’t set high prices in the beginning. Raise it slowly.
  3. Hourly pricing, means you can charge a fixed rate per hour

If you’re a freelance photographer the charges can vary from a few cents per photo for a stock image website to several hundred dollars for a magazine depending on where you’re selling your photos. Typically, you can get around 15-50% in royalties per download. Also, you employ full ownership of your work. Many professional photographers in the market who have just started out make about $30k per year.

Step 3 – Make your photography business plan.

In order to start a photography business and succeed in this field, it is the most important step to make long-term goals. A great photography business plan will not only serve as presenting you with the journey to undertake but also help you in analyzing the performance along the way.

Write down each detail about your business while making a long-term photography business plan. These details should be ordinarily great and must not be limited to what your business will look about, your niches, the current mark, your competitors, your operating expenses, cash flow, revenue, marketing, and ownership. Do not forget to spotlight your target market. Research how you can goal to win them over.

So, what your photography business plans would look like? It should mainly include:

  • Business narration
  • Investments
  • The legal structure of your business
  • Cost to run a business
  • Pricing
  • Marketing and advertising

The major contributions that would be essential to be filled in your business would also be mentioned here. This can include stakeholders, marketing managers, customer success managers, investors, sales personnel, and many more.

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Step 4 – Register your photography business.

Are you done with the photography business plan? It is time to register your business and make it a legal entity. The steps for registering your business are:

Register as a Legal Entity: You should register your business with both local and federal government for purposes, compliance, and taxation as a legal entity. You also need to have a different business account and a photography business license. These two are typically required for every professional photographer. Additionally, it is important to take up photography business insurance to protect your business against every possible circumstance. Do not forget to make photography works contracts and agreements with your clients.

Finalize Your Photography Business Name: Make your photography branded. Give it a good name that should be unique, eye-catching, descriptive, and memorable, all at the same time. Make sure no one else is already using it in any context.

Have a Lawyer You Can Bank Upon: Stay in touch with a lawyer who can give you legal aid and suggestion as and when you need it is also an important part to register your business. In fact, when you are just starting your photography business, follow this step.

Step 5- Pick the right equipment.

What equipment do you need to start a photography business? Here’s a list of the most basic items:

A good camera: This is going to be the most important factor when you think to select between a crop sensor or a full-frame body. So, whether you ask somebody or do your own research, buy the right camera so that you can narrow down the models that will show the best work for you.

Lenses: You can use primes and zoom lenses to click beautiful pictures. You can go with a mix of both.

Lighting. No matter which genre appeals to you, a pop-up flash isn’t going to cut it. Will your style require complicated lighting gear, or would a removable on-camera flash do the job?

A camera bag: An adjustable camera bag is a must-have thing to carry your camera and other accessories- here are the must buy accessories if you want to become a good photographer. You should buy a camera bag keeping in view its functions instead of the bag’s style. Off course, you need a bag that makes you comfortable while managing the weight of your gear. The right bag will also keep your essential equipment inside safe.

A computer: In order to accommodate pic editing software, you need a good working computer. Can you edit such pictures where a laptop makes sense? Or is a computer better for you? A proper setup is also essential for a solid backup system so you never feel embarrassed of losing your dear client’s edited pictures!

Photo editing software: There are a lot of picture editing applications but the most commonly used are Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop. You can even a mix of both. Set an accurate budget for an Adobe Creative Cloud membership or buy similar editing software.

Studio management software: As a photographer, you just need media to deliver contracts and get paid at a minimum. Using auto-scheduled email and invoice templates, there are a lot of programs that can help you manage your workflow.

Photo gallery delivery service: Get to know any good platform that can even help you as a beginner professional photographer. Use a free trial for up to 100 photos and then go with several paid options to fit your budget.

Step 6- Market, market, market.

Take marketing a key to the success of your photography business. Strong marketing or advertising can translate your business into genuine exposure for your brand. Social media is a perfect marketing tool especially when you have just started a photography business and apps such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are great choices to promote your services. You can also create a YouTube channel to showcase your photography work, and natural and wedding videos to keep customers interested.

Keeping customers engaged is necessary because if no one knows about you, you won’t take pics and get paid for them. Don’t stick to business cards, websites, and brochures. You should also use your personal and professional networks to market your business. Additionally, you can attend wedding shows if you want to do wedding photography and similarly attend dog shows if you’re interested in taking pet portraits.

Costly mistakes you should not make

Avoid doing these mistakes in your photography business.

Do not use the “free shoot” incorrectly

Have you ever offered sessions at no cost to kick-start your photography business? Do not throw yourself in such a situation just because you don’t set exact boundaries regarding no-cost sessions. Remember that your skills and time are gifts from God.

Do not set and anchor prices carelessly

Read above how much you should charge when you’re starting out. Anchor a price worthy of your work and time. Do not charge a super low rate just because you haven’t been in business for so long. It is also important to justify the cost of running a photography business to back up your session fee.

Not incorporating content marketing as required

Remember that it’s not sufficient to simply post photographed pictures to a social media account. Making your own website is important so people can get to know more about you and your work. You’ll be able to draw potential clients to your website by building your identity as an expert photographer in your genre.

Do not make things difficult for your clients 

Make things easy for your clients by being a professional photographer. You need to be organized and have an exactly defined plan. Clients often encourage having guidance on what they need, and where things are directed. Of course, you should give them an open plan so that they can adapt and evolve!

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