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How to Make Your Best Friend Feel Special on Her Birthday?


Is that your best friend’s birthday coming up? You’re probably thinking of some surprising ideas to celebrate your friend’s big day.

We all have that one best of a friend among all the friends with whom we feel fondness so dear. More than a family, she means so much! Appreciating and celebrating her happiness will make her feel great in her occasional birthday. So, show her how valuable she means to you. Make your best friend joyful! This is gonna worth it!

Making her feel special is a perfect way to give her a gift that will amaze her! That’s why; I’ve put together a collection of simple yet funny and creative ideas to celebrate your best friend’s birthday so you can surprise her and make her feel extra special this year.

6 unique ideas to Make your Friend feel more special on her Birthday

Friendship is a beautiful blessing, especially when it gives as well as you get. You and your friend must be finding moments to cherish special times to express your love for each other and to bond more and more. What can be the perfect occasion to celebrate special moments than birthdays?

Birthdays are remarkable as there is no reason to not cherish them like an occasion. There are endless ways to make your best friend’s birthday more special. No matter how well you know her, it can be something hard to find that is both fun and unique. Read these ideas below so you can make your friend feel more special on her next birthday. Stamp them as your own (Don’t be worried, it’ll be our little secret). You can also find perfect birthday gift ideas for your friend right down. Happy celebration!

1. Send her a unique birthday card with hand written memories

Write down happy birthday messages for your best friend! You’ll definitely agree hand written praises are valued more than copied texts, right?

Also, according to science, the thinking-to-writing process increases neural activity in the brain. So, it will help boost more impacts, more so than typing on a phone keyboard. Just craft your favorite memories on a card along with super amazing birthday wishes. Trust me; this handwritten card will have a bigger emotional impact. That goes for both you and your best friend.

Do not move towards complexity. Be simple! Your affection will make her feel special! Heart fully designed birthday card will shower your love in every hand-stroke.

2. DIY A Birthday Gift

Are you confident of your skills? You must be! Then, take time to DIY a gift from scratch. Obviously, on top of the list will be a homemade baked birthday. But if you’re more of a hot cook for kitchen, then do not forget to make a few-course lunch or dinner for your friend.

Using any of your creative skills, make a DIY gift, like painting, drawing, or even writing skillfully. You love building stuff? Then build something that your friend will have used for. It can be a re-purposed table, mini box for dressing, bookshelf, or linear rotatable (or may be not) lipsticks stand.

Handcrafting a gift is one of the best surprises to do for a birthday. Just like handwriting a card, but it involves a lot more of yours personal effort to go into making a gift than purchasing it. With your special love for her, plus your little creativity in mind, this will make your friend feel more loved.

3. Schedule a day of fun

What does your best friend likes to do the most? Think about that, where she likes to hang out, and what she does to party. Make a fun schedule and let her know she shouldn’t schedule any plans that day. Take her out to watch her favorite movie, to eat at her favorite restaurant, to the spa, or to her best-loving nature spot to celebrate her birthday.

What about spending a fresh morning taking a hike? Also, you can consider afternoon playing miniature paintball, or any of her favorite hobbies to do. Want to know what is more pleasant? You can make her celebration a 12 days of birthday party. For the first 6 days, set a reminder on Instagram. Keep doing that with her photos at back! Next 6 days to her birthday, give her a note, a birthday card, a special letter, her favorite chocolate or candy bar, or even an activity. Make memories, spread smile, have fun instead of putting it in one day.

4. Call your friend right at 12 a.m.

It’s your BFF birthday, come on! Call her right at 12 a.m. and sing a song for her. Do not bother if you do not have melodious voice. This can probably add more fun to the celebration. If it makes her smile, congratulations, you have done this gratefully!

Ever make a raw pseudo composition? You can reuse or compose a fresh song you used to hear or make joke of it a lot. That’ll be great! Do use reverse melodies for more fun; this all is gonna be special for her birthday. Make sure to convey the feelings of your heart while singing as it isn’t just the words she would listen to but the emotions behind it.

5. Gather the old group of friends

What about planning a surprise gathering of your old gang of friends at your best friend’s house? This idea can stay in your friend’s heart forever. You know, growing up can delay meeting and greeting old friends. It has become a real challenge now. So, on your friend’s upcoming birthday, arrange a get-together with old friend group to surprise your buddy. She will always relish it!

If she lives in a different city or country, you can contact her via Whats App, Facebook or Skype. At midnight, you can also gather your friends at Face Time…just staying together you along with your old group…then let your best friend join at the end. She will be surprisingly happy! Believe me, this can be one of the most amazing ideas for a friend’s birthday.

6. Fulfill one of her wishes if you can 

Do you know any of your best friend’s unfulfilled wish? A perfect birthday celebration may become more enchanting when you fulfill your best friend’s desire, if you can. Doing this will leave two evergreen impressions, that you have always been listening to her, and that you’re an extremely caring and loving human being. Your friend will enjoy this and will immensely value you. After all, it’s your best friend’s birthday!

The bottom line

Do you find these ways unexpected and exciting? That’s great!

Whether your bond is like on how far you’ve come together; the stupid activities you’ve enjoyed together; a common excitement for all the random things…blasting of molten lava! Ice cream! Or any of mutual other things, your friendship is worth than a weight in gold!

Value your best friend by adding these unique ways to her birthday! It will include some unexpected fun to her day and make it even more extraordinary.

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