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How to be an android developer


How to be an android developer

There is no big opportunities are available in the world regarding jobs. Computer made our life more consistent and valuable. Developer is the producer of all aspects of programming and needs to learn new experience day by day. When a person is the developer and have better skills he/she can earn millions of dollars without any interruption. Now mobile phones apps needs to develop in more perfect way than the computer software’s and big applications. Mobile apps are more resistant to connect the users with the planet more efficiently. The job of developer is become more regular, enrich with new techniques in a constant way. Mobiles apps has changed the way we do businesses online, the way we communicate with each other, the way we share content with each other. It is one of the coolest job ever one can do without any low ranges of salary. You have to become the bare bone version if you wants to become the great programmer.

Three steps are mandatory to become the android developers:

  • Your knowledge and keen to learn new methods everyday
  • You must own technical skills with new trends in the market
  • You must have the soft skills
  • More powerful computer and better SDK version to write apps coding

Learning courses

Learning courses are mandatory for starting new business and available in better range. There are many online courses available at free ranges and some more advance available at low cost. All you need to do is do practice of it and keep your knowledge updated on daily basis. Many courses are more important than a degree because practical work is the key to success in development. You must know about the latest requirements for the android apps in the market.

Online video trainings Lynda

If you are the keen learner than this opportunity is made for you. Lynda is the paid source to learn the online android apps development using the more pure way. The step by step tutorials are more worthy to learn and instantly learning.


If you still spends your time for reading purposes, then you are wasting the time. Practical working is more mandatory to become the best android developer. Practice is the key success to starting learning new trends in android world. Write different kinds of small apps on daily basis and get it publish on different kinds of websites.

What to learn

Android programming should be start on the Mac devices or windows PC. You must also have the android devices here to test and run the apps, but you can use online emulators to test your codes. You must learn following programming languages in order to become world’s powerful android developer:

  • You have to learn java programming language because it is the basic language that helps you to make loops, variables and lists
  • SDK comes first to write the code using the android SDK and test it. It is an IDE that gives you platform to write android code without any problem
  • You must also be aware how to install server side and client side applications

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