Hijjab Can’t Be A Hindrance In Your Success!

Hijjab Can't Be A Hindrance In Your Success!

Usually, thought-about to be the foremost backward community in the Asian nations is the Muslim community. however now it’s been proved that the assumptions created by the overall public regarding the Muslim community don’t have any basis truly. As we tend to all recognize the UPSC communication command within the year 2014 has set numerous success stories by the Muslim candidates like Guncha Sanobar, the primary Muslim lady IPS officer from Bihar province. Currently, it’s another Muslim woman who has formed the community to feel proud by rating the best marks within the interview.

Zainab Sayeed
Zainab Sayeed

This woman is Zainab Sayeed, she was a student of Jamia Millia Islamia. She completed her postgraduate in mass communication at Jamia within the year 2011. Zainab has been triple-crown to create it to the UPSC examination by obtaining an associate overall rank of 107. She scored 220 marks out of 275 which includes and created a record because the highest score was created within the interview. Though she has intentions to be in either Indian administrastive services or in Indian Revenue Services, and no doubt she’s been selected for Indian foreign Services.

Zainab Sayeed and Ira Singhal
Zainab Sayeed and Ira Singhal

Zainab has scored even quite the topper for the year 2014 within the interview, Ira Singhal has topped in the UPSC communication 2014. Ira has held 167 marks in interviews, on the other hand, Zainab has been ready to hold 220 marks which is fifty-eight marks more than the topper Ira.

Zainab Sayeed is a woman who may be a strict follower of her faith also. She wears Hijab and would become the most important Hijjab cladded civil official. Zainab at first welcomes from Calcutta and now has ready for UPSC from Jamia’s Center for work and Career coming up.

She has been asked several attention-grabbing queries whereas she was surfing her interview, one in all those was relating to her Hijab, to that she gently replied:

Besides locution one ought to wear garments one feels comfy in, I cited the instance of a primary Minister who wore a turban that is additionally a spiritual symbolism hijjab can’t be a hindrance in your success, it’s a blessing.

Zainab Sayeed

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1 Comment

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