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Asia, the world’s largest continent, is an intricate mosaic of cultures, landscapes, and different countries. It is home to two of the world’s most populous countries, China and India, and has an amazing mix of history, natural wonders, and attractive wildlife. There’s a lot to discover and experience, from the historic Silk Road traditions to the modern wonders of Tokyo. Want to know more about interesting facts about Asia? In this article, we’ll look at 10 amazing facts about Asia that may surprise you.

Video Explains the Interesting Facts about Asia

1. Home To 60% Of The World’s Population

The Asian continent is home to 4.46 billion people, accounting for more than 60% of the world’s total human population. China and India alone have a population of almost 2 billion people. Most analysts focus on East Asia, which has 1.6 billion people, and South Asia, which has 1.8 billion, but Southeast Asia, with 600 million people, should not be bypassed. Although the Asian population continues to expand, analysts predict that it will decline as the countries become more industrialized.

2. Highest Number Of Billionaires

Asia is home to the world's most richest people.
Billionaires Of Asia

The global economy has evolved in recent years, and the Asian continent has grown to include more billionaires than any place on the planet. China has more billionaires than the United States, which continues to lag behind the growing Asian economy. This is clearly one of the most fascinating facts about Asia, although it should be pointed out that a large number of Asians are underprivileged, with some living on less than $1 per day.

3. Longest Life Expectancy

Asia may hold the key to longevity, as the top three countries with the highest life expectancy are all located there: Macau, Japan, and Hong Kong. Japan (86 women, 79 men), Hong Kong (84 women, 79 men), Korea (83 women, 77 men), and Singapore (83 women, 79 men) have by far the longest life expectancies. With an average life expectancy of 84, the Japanese people live longer than any other group of people on the earth. They have the world’s longest lifespan. Whereas, life expectancy in Asia’s major growing powers is substantially lower and poor countries are at the bottom of the list.

4, Hub Of 90% Rice Consumption

This is one of the most interesting facts about Asia that majority of their people eat rice.
Rice Diet in Asia

Whether it’s fried, steamed, noodled, or sticky; rice is the basic diet staple in the majority of Asian countries. Its origins can be linked back to East Asia about 10,000 years ago. This implies that the Asian continent had already engaged in the development and production of this crucial crop long before other places accepted it. Asia, predictably, accounts for nine of the world’s top ten rice-producing countries, with China, India, and Bangladesh on top of the list.

5. Fascinating Fauna And Wildlife

Komodo Dragon is the world's largest lizard found in Asia.
Komodo Dragon of Asia

The carnivorous Komodo Dragon, which lives on a few Indonesian islands, is the world’s largest lizard and a member of the monitor lizard family. They can reach three meters in length and are famous for their desperate appetites and anger.  Asia is also home to the extremely rare Amur Leopard, popular for its striking spotted coat and unique tolerance to the severe temperatures of Russia’s Far East and North-east China.

6. Powerhouse Of Intelligence And Highest IQ 

Singapore, South Korea, and Japan have the world’s highest average IQ. These are also some of Asia’s most powerful economies and rich nations. Japanese scientists, in particular, are making significant advances in many domains. In sectors like robotics, sciences of materials, and cutting-edge technology, Japan’s research industry leads the world. Likewise, South Korea’s commitment to education and research has led the country to the frontier of technical innovation, with companies pioneering discoveries in electronics and artificial intelligence.

7. Vietnam’s Tet Fusion

New Year Celebration in Vietnam Asia

Tet is the Vietnamese word for New Year. It’s also the day that everyone who is 25 turns 26, and every child who is 3 turns 4, and so on. It doesn’t mean that everyone in the country schedules their pregnancies so that everyone gives birth on the same day. However, because many individuals there do not keep note of their precise birthdays, Tet has become the universal birthday. On this day everyone enjoys a huge party.

8. Linguistic Kaleidoscope And Voices Diversity

Asia is one of the world’s most in terms of culture and ethnic varied regions, with over 2,300 languages spoken across the continent. The majority of this is Mandarin Chinese, which is spoken by 51% of the people; other popular languages include Hindi, English, Russian, and Indonesian. Urdu is also a major language that acts as a lively linguistic thread throughout South Asia, representing the region’s historical and cultural loom.

9. Largest Religious Monument In The World

Angkor Wat Temple Of Asia is the largest religious monument in the world.
Angkor Wat Temple Of Asia

Cambodia is famous for The Angkor Wat Temple Complex which is the largest religious monument in the world. Although it was originally established as a Hindu temple, its use has gradually shifted to Buddhist. Now, it is known as a Hindu-Buddhist temple. This complex’s architectural glory is exemplary. The vast layout and beautiful carvings keep inspiring tourists from all around the world. Its historical value and cultural relevance make it an important UNESCO World Heritage site.

10. The Great Wall’s Legacy In Ancient China

The great wall’s worldview in China is one of the amazing facts about Asia.
Great Wall’s Worldview

The North Plain’s Han civilization of China thought that the earth was divided into three kingdoms. The lofty kingdom belonged to the gods, the intermediate kingdom to “Han-land,” and the lower kingdom to the remainder of the world. They didn’t believe they were gods, only that they were better than the rest of humanity. They erected the Great Wall to keep the “barbarians” from the lower kingdom out of their realm, as they preferred isolation in the Far East. An important truth is that the Great Wall was never breached by frontal assault, but only by guile.

10 Fun Facts About Asia

Asia is the home to the world’s largest mountains and the continent as a whole is incredibly bio-diverse. Aside from these interesting facts about Asia and Asian countries, the continent and its nations contain an array of fun facts that you are probably unaware of. Here is a perfect list of 10 such fun facts to spark your curiosity; take a look:

  1. A lot of Asian women avoid the sun because they desire light-cultured skin.
  2. The world’s tallest guy (8 feet, 3 inches) hails from Turkey. China has the world’s tallest woman (7 feet, 8 inches).
  3. In certain Asian countries, insects are considered a delicacy.
  4. Single individuals in South Korea have their own Valentine’s Day.
  5. All 10 of the world’s largest malls are located in Asia. One of the most interesting and fun facts about Asia is that China is home to the world’s biggest shopping mall which is known as a ‘Ghost Town’ due to its low occupancy.
  6. Southeast Asia is one of the most affordable places in the world for travelling.
  7. Living more than 100 years is incredible. Over 50,000 people in Japan have lived more than 100 years.
  8. Drinking snake wine is thought to boost your health in Vietnam. Snake wine is made from full snakes soaked in rice wine.
  9. Many people in South and East Asia are lactose intolerant.
  10. Children in China are often named after events. What’s fascinating is that there are almost 4,000 persons named Aoyun, or “Olympic Games.”

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