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Exercise: Brain Power Enhancer

Brain power

There is a deep connection between brain power and exercise. When you exercise regularly, your nervous system naturally produces more dopamine which improves your performance at work.

Two halves of Human Brain
Two halves of the Human Brain

Jack LaLanne and his mental Strength

Jack LaLanne was born in 1914 and was a member of the American fitness movement. He participated in the longest-running exercise event. He also invented leg-extension machines and first weight selectors which are used in the modern gym. His biggest strength was not the strength of his muscles but the strength of his mind. He had the energy of a sportsman at the age of 20 and regular exercise was the main reason for that.

The factor that determines how well you will age

This topic is very tough to discuss. Research has found various factors that affect someone’s age. The main factor that scientists have focused on is how much active lifestyle someone adopts.

If you like to sit on the couch for the whole day, watching Tv and eating snacks, you will definitely age rapidly. If you have an active lifestyle, you are more likely to stay younger for a long time. Exercise and hard work improve our body’s cardiovascular system and this kind of improvement definitely reduces the risk of heart diseases like stroke and heart attack. People who age well are also more mentally alert. People adopting a sedentary lifestyle are not good at their work and show sluggish performance which affects their standards. On the other-hand active lifestyle results in an astonishing elevation in performance.

What kind of exercise is good for mental health?

Running or jogging even for a short period of time every day can be beneficial for health. It helps to make your bones stronger. Bones are the weight-bearing connective tissue of our body, so strong bones are important to perform daily routine tasks. It also makes muscles strong.

Jogging on daily basis also improves cardiovascular health and keeps you safe from different kinds of heart diseases as cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death worldwide. Running also helps to maintain body weight.

Brain power is boosted by exercise
Brain power is boosted by exercise

Can exercise cure depression?

Running, yoga, weight lifting, and swimming are the best exercises to cure depression and anxiety. Daily exercise releases endorphins as well as some other brain chemicals which keep you away from depression. Exercise is the best antidepressant medicine as it reduces negative moods and improves self-esteem. Exercise brings blood to your brain. Blood contains glucose as well as oxygen. So, more blood reaches to the brain, the more it gets glucose and oxygen, and eventually improves mental health.

Exercise helps students to perform well in school

Students who are active, show better grades and performance. They also show well class behavior. Exercise improves mental alertness and motivation. It also encourages neurons to make more synapses to enhance action potential in our nervous system. Consequently, the power of the Hippocampus region of our brain is increased and the memory storage function of the brain is improved. Eventually, it will make the process of learning new things and attaining new information for students much easier.

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