Color Psychology: What does it say about different personality types?

color psychology and different personality types

We are living in a world full of colors, from buying a dress from a brand to the room paint. Obviously, colors have underlying meaning it is essential for us to know the exact meaning. Now a days, the right color selection is very important for us to live in a society. Although some people claim to have no any favorite color, on the other hand, we can see their attraction towards a specific color. In this way we all have a favorite color. For understanding the different personality types, it is important to know about Color Psychology. Color Psychology reveals different personality types, productivity and motivation level.

Color Psychology

What is Color Psychology with respect to different personality types? The color psychology (based on pseudo-science) tells about the personality and behavioral traits on the basis of colors that we prefer. In fact, It is a new field in relation with Light Therapy and Color Therapy. Accordingly, the colors Psychology shed light on personality traits. But at the same time, it does not mean that every trait that Color Psychology tells us 100% true. Although, when you will read these personality traits you will be like “OMG it’s so me.”

However, to analyse someone on the basis of his/her favorite color firstly you must have the proper knowledge of some factors. Secondly it is not for only beauty concern but also tells about the meaning of colors in respecting context. For this purpose, I have an example of color importance with respect to the context. For instance, brides in western countries wear white dress as a symbol of purity and innocence on the contrary in eastern countries they wear white on someone’s funeral ceremony or death. Above all, Color Psychology not only helping us to understand the physical and mental traits but also societal norms.

Generally, all the Colors are divided into 2 basic groups; warm colors (red, yellow, orange or shades of theses colors) and cold colors (blue, green and purple or shades of these). Furthermore, White and black come into the category of neutral colors.

Hence, today I will tell you your personality types according to Color Psychology with respect to your favorite colors.

What does color psychology say about your personality on the basis of your favorite color?

Let’s see what your favorite color reveals about you and your personality.

If your favorite color is:


Red is not a color. it is a divine.
Red is not a color. it is a divine.

The color red is a color of love. In most of the cases if a person likes red then he or she be loving, passionate, aggressive, adventurous, dangerous, full of excitement, thrill lover, confident, powerful and energetic.

Personality traits of Red

  • Likes to get attention.
  • Likes to be winner.
  • ambitious.
  • Not afraid to pursue the dreams.
  • Always in hurry and wants everything right now. 
  • Hard working and enjoys to do physical activity.
  • Gets angry easily and aggressive.
  • Power lover.
  • Egoistic personality.
  • Strong personality.
  • Just because red is a symbol of love therefore, brides in India, Pakistan and China wear red color on their wedding day to show love for their partners.
  • The red lovers are always ready to cherish their love life on the other hand, because of their short temper they spoil the date.


blue is not a color. its a feeling. Blue is the nation.
It is not a color. its a feeling. it is the nation.

We use blue color to symbolize the ocean. Next, if a person is obsessed of blue then he or she must be strong, calm, trustworthy, peace loving, love-able, compassionate, extremely loyal and dependable person.

Personality traits of Blue

  • Good control over emotions
  • believes in think before you speak.
  • Take their responsibilities very well.
  • always think about others’ needs.
  • Easily cry when watching something sad on screen.
  • Does not like to stay in limelight conversely prefers to live in backstage.
  • Avoids conflicts with others in spite of this sometime becomes the reason of a conflict.
  • Sticky and rigid in their choices.
  • Compare the present with past.
  • As deep as the ocean.
  • because of their deep nature they are so loyal in their love relationship however take time to develop the love feelings. 


Orange is the happiest color
Orange is the happiest color

Color orange is associated with warmth and vibrant nature of the people who likes it. People having orange as personality color are e social, optimistic, enthusiastic, extrovert, creative, playful, love to nurture things, good host, jolly and they love to do something productive.

Personality traits of Orange

  • Craves to have social gatherings with family and friend.
  • Life of a party.
  • Sometime tends to be show-off.
  • Love to help others and gives successful influence to others.
  • Gets satisfied after doing something productive.
  • Free souls and do not like to be bound that why they are afraid to commit a relationship. 
  • Risk taker and adventurous and likes climbing on mountains, hand gliding and sky diving.
  • Full of life and always ready to go for new challenges. 
  • Sometimes they feel uncomfortable with lazy people.
  • Sometimes becomes unresponsive, egoistic, self-centered and uncaring.
  • When they scared stiff they can feel the fear in abdomen.


green is the prime color of world, an that from which loveliness arises
green is the prime color of world, an that from which loveliness arises

The color green is a symbol of health, nature and fertility. If somebody’s favorite color is green it means he or she is practical, gentle to others and humble.

Personality traits of Green

  • Eager to help other even sometime they neglect their own selves.
  • Curious by nature.
  • Freedom lover.
  • Generous nature of all.
  • Down to earth.
  • Balance personality.
  • Remains calm in the time of crisis. 
  • Adores to love and to be loved.
  • Like an open books and can easily be read by others.
  • Likes to do and say only right things.
  • Good citizen and gets involve in different social working groups.
  • Wants appreciation for doing good for others.
  • Not adventurous.
  • Keen observer and loves to sit in a silent place and to watch everything happening.
  • Hardworking
  • Money is important to them in contrast they are generous.
  • The green lovers protect their partners.


wearing black is a lifestyle
wearing black is a lifestyle

Black is a symbol of evil, mystery and authority. Thus, many of us like black If a person’s around you having black in his/her good book. Then brace yourself to know what the color psychology reveals about him or her. The person must be bold, adventurous, thrill lover, aggressive, serious, strong, having command to get respect from the fellows.

Personality traits of Black

  • Authoritative personality and keep their behavior bossy with their friends, colleagues and family.
  • Conservative.
  • Adores the style with elegance.
  • It’s a suggestion for them must bring some colors in life to make it perfect and more lively.
  • Have a great control on their emotion and maintain their image as a sophisticated one.
  • Guard their emotion by keeping an invisible barrier between their selves and people.
  • Not happy to share things with others.
  • Completes every task with a proper methodological pattern.
  • Have some fantasies.
  • Many romantic people’ s favorite color is black.


Yellow Color stands for the sun
Yellow Color stands for the sun

The color yellow is associated with freshness, positive energy. The color psychology tells interesting about personality traits of people having yellow as their favorite color. They are optimistic, positive spirit, happy souls, thrillers, calm for others and spread smile to everyone they meet.

Personality traits of Yellow

  • Perfectionist and can cause critical situation for others.
  • Methodological thinker. 
  • Analyse everything, possess a quick decision power and rush to end of situation instead of calm pace.
  • Choosy nature for making new friends.
  • Having small group of loyal friends unlike of of large social gatherings.
  • Works smartly instead of hardworking.
  • New technology does not disturb them.
  • Communicate well with like-minded people. But can be bitter in following situation if they face any conflict.
  • The yellow lovers are attractive therefore, it’s fun to have a relation with such pretty soul.


pink is not a color. it's an attitude
pink is not a color. it’s an attitude

The pink color is a symbol of universal love and mostly seen in female’s good book. Hence, if a person’s favorite color is pink then Color Psychology says he or she must have traits like: calm, peace loving, innocent, generous, immature, and likes to have everything crystal clear. 

Personality traits of Pink

  • Friendly and easily in access.
  • Loves to nurture and being nurtured.
  • Softness like mothers.
  • Takes care of others and even can neglect their own selves.
  • Organized and follow methods to deal with things.
  • Remains young throughout the life.
  • Big deal for them to think about own self.
  • Shy and non-violent.
  • The pink color is also known as a cousin of red but pink lovers are very loving, caring, sensual and romantic.
  • Sometimes show immaturity in their love life.


purple is royal color
purple is royal color

The purple is a symbol of royalty and knowledge. If a person’s favorite color is purple then color psychology tells these traits can easily be seen in his/her personality. For instance, he or she must be witted, tried to maintain the identity, loves uniqueness, supportive, creative, and romantic.

Personality traits of Purple

  • Freedom lovers , love to travel and experience new cultures.
  • Sensitive and can easily be hurt.
  • Idealistic and live in imaginative that’s why they want everything perfect.
  • Generous nature therefore demand for nothing except a little friendship.
  • A bit psychic and also believe in occult.
  • Dislikes responsibilities.
  • Does not like crowd but want to maintain their individual image aside from the mob.
  • Having high dreams and desires.
  • Good abilities to judge others.
  • Sometime they become arrogant and selfish.
  • Accordingly, Purple lovers are boring in their love life.


the true color is white
the true color is white

White symbolizes purity, and innocence. The person having white as a favorite color must be calm, innocent, peaceful, a bit naive and likes things to be in order.

Personality traits of White

  • Likes things in a proper order and management.
  • Keep their home, car cupboard and everything clear.
  • Optimistic by nature.
  • Balance personality and like simplicity.
  • Practical
  • Carefully use their money.
  • Think before speak.
  • Control over feelings.
  • Self-sufficient and can stay alone for a longer period of time.
  • Hide their flaws to look perfect.
  • Shy and it’s a challenge for them to be open mind and communicate about their needs.
  • They are loyal, shy and conservative in their love relations.


the color of truth is gray
the color of truth is gray

Grey is a symbol of, maturity, balance. Color Psychology says with a personality color grey people are boring, feelingless, balance, calm and reliable.

Personality traits of Grey

  • Stay neutral about life.
  • Do not have proper likes and dislikes. 
  • Consider themselves unfit for the surrounding and try to protect their selves from chaotic society.
  • Hardworking, loyal and concern about status.
  • Live a balanced life and do not like attention.
  • Do not show excitement and energy for something.
  • Good critic and give balance judgments.
  • Non creative that’s why having narrow outlook of new ideas and opportunities.
  • In control of their emotions and can easily overcome the emotional pain.

Hopefully, you enjoy the different personality types in a perspective of color psychology. It will help you to look inside yourself and to find out the loops into your personality. In this way the Color Psychology help us to learn about behaviors.

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