Body Piercing Safety

Body Piercing

Body Piercing can be beautiful adornments for most. However if you’re not taking care of your piercing properly or you unknowingly have an allergic reaction. You might be doing your body more harm than good. Take heed of the following safety tips before and after getting your piercing.

First things first: Go to a reputable place for your piercing. Make sure safety precautions are followed, gloves are used and the space is sanitary. You might be surprised to find that some doctor offices offer this service. Check with them and if not, they might be able to recommend a place.

Once you have the piercing, it’s your turn to take care of it. So, make sure you adhere to normal care. This care includes:

  • Applying ointment to the area regularly–this avoids the hole from becoming infected and crusting over–topical antibiotic ointments are a great option but even regular vaseline is effective.
  • Protect your piercing–Avoid products that may include chemical irritants during the healing process. This can include makeup, certain soaps, lotions, astringents and cleansers.
  • If you’ve been doing everything right and four weeks later you’re piercing hasn’t healed–you need to check with your physician.

One reason you might not be healing properly could be an allergic reaction to nickel in your jewelry. People who are allergic to nickel must seek out other alternatives such as 24K gold jewelry or nickel-free options.

Even if you switch out the jewelry and still have an infection symptoms, you may not be a good candidate for piercing. Just remember to take care of the piercing and watch out for any signs of infection or allergic reaction.


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