Baby’s First Birthday Party Ideas

First birthday party ideas

For the sake of my undying love for kids, I decided to write something for them

As much joyous occasion as planning a birthday for your toddler is, it can also become equally hectic if you don’t plan everything beforehand. you can get hundreds of birthday ideas if you go on idea hunt but to choose one that would entertain not just you, your kid and your guests but you also need to keep in mind that your child wouldn’t feel disappointed by your efforts when he looks back at his first birthday pics 20 years later.

Don’t get tense already because how much creativity it requires, this is actually quite fun practically. You can create memories and be remembered in memories with just little effort. You don’t need to worry that much because you don’t need to hire an event planner for this, we are here to help you in arranging a fun birthday party for your lil one.

Here are some ideas that can help you with your arrangements.

Birthday interior:

Babies love balloons. Stack up at least one room with balloons for your and other kids that you are inviting but not with those gross air balloons and latex ones to avoid choking hazards for kids, instead opt for foil and mylar ones.

Your baby might have a favorite color or a favorite cartoon character by now, order a cake according to his likes. If not this then go for the trending cartoon or movie character cake. It would fascinate not just your kid but his/her pals too.

Check the guest list:

This check is not the double-check that we do to see if we have written someone’s name twice. This one is a bit different. Scale back the guest list first because if you are throwing a house party then make sure to not full the whole place with guests especially those who are bringing toddlers with them too. Most kids are shy and fearful of strangers and they might create a competition of their own that who is more scared and cry the loudest.

Pink for the girls:

Even though I personally flinch on the idea but since we are talking about baby girls and not grown-ups it’s bearable.

Pink for girls, in my opinion, is a quite overrated term but in a girl’s first birthday bash something pink, frilly and soft would be an amazing theme. Show everyone (and of course your baby too when she is old enough to understand) that’s she’s your little princess with pretty pastel colors, lace and flowers, and plenty of sparkles.

Goodie bags:

I am sure many mature adults would agree to this without any hesitation or shame (to put it rather frankly), that they love goodie bags. At your baby’s first birthday, this may be the last thing on your mind but to make the experience for not just your family but the guest too, arrange a goodie bag. You can easily get them ready made but if you are inviting selected guests, whose tastes you know customize goodie bags yourself. This may take some time but the guests will love it.

Play place:

Don’t forget to notice the major change I did with the heading. It’s a play place and play area.

Create a play place for kids, not far from parents sight. Add toys appropriate for all age groups  (same type or they may quarrel over a specific one). This will also allow mothers to actually relax and gossip for a while.

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