Are you running away from yourself?


People run away from themselves because they are afraid of their own shadow. They are afraid of their failure coming to them, ready to crush their dream. That’s why they start running away from themselves.

As a child, what we fear the most is the unknown. As adults, what we fear the most is the known. At some theme in life, people will see themselves for who they truly are. This means that, they can no longer get themselves through the eyes of their parents or friends. My advice is to encirclement who you are, drive yourself further to be who you are and sooner or later you will be.

You do not want to do this on your death bed. People run away by doing the opposite, it is because people discover who they are is the wrong impression of what they had in mind. Fundamentally, there’s been a felonious living rent free in their minds.

How does running away feels like?

Running away from yourself feels like your soul is living in someone else’s corporeal body. You would be able to do your everyday activities without any trouble during this phase of your life. But you will not be able to identify yourself, when you look at yourself in the mirror. You cannot narrate to your inner self when you are running away from yourself. It is a phase; each human being has to experience and contest with all their strength and should come out of it successfully.

It will be like running away from your own shadow which is a fruitless exercise. You cannot divorce yourself from what you are or inter that fact with alcohol or drugs to escape from.

It is worst ever feeling one could experience, it all starts with self-doubt, fear, laziness to do what you want to be. Then to escape from the shame you dwell on daydreaming, social media, shopping, meaningless friends, movies, seasons, Netflix, music which sets your mood. Some people use sleeping as an escaping tool. They sleep more and more when trying to run away from themselves. You are detached and absence from the real world, you often find this and start to mend but fail.

Human mind has the capacity to delete this phase out of its memory. But the heart will always warn you not to again get into this phase if we try to do any activity that would lead us to begin running away from ourselves.

The best way is to accept totally what you are and live with that fact every moment of your life. All your badness will drop off you without any effort when you do that.

Running away from yourselves is an escape mechanism. I want to do things that would enable me to realize my true potential, but some traumatic instance and incident of my life has killed something that I once valued most in myself. That is Hope.

Running away from yourself makes attaining back to yourself only harder. I recommend you stop right now because you will have to walk back all the way to find yourself back again.

All I can say is that it’s the worst feeling in the world. And I’m alone. So don’t do that to yourself.

When did you stop running from yourselves?

Sometimes our upbringing enforces us to live for the others happiness. So, we please other’s all the time. We rely on others approval for our own happiness. And doing so we lost our own internal true self and started running from what we actually are, what we actually want. It sometimes lead to become dead inside.

The realization is a slow process, but it happens anyway. One day, the straw finally broke the camel’s back, and you finally realize that you were being taken for granted. You had no choice but to look into your own emotions and well-being at that point (as I was completely wrecked). No one is going to do that looking for you. You will find a gaping hole in your soul, filled with the expectations of others and devoid of your own life essence.

It will at that point you stopped running away from myself. You began analyzing your own feelings and the source of your happiness or discontent every day. Will began understanding yourself. You will learn what made you tick (and what did not). This process will help you realign and refocus your life choices towards your contentment.

The most important lesson I harvested from this messy process is the ability to say NO. I learnt to say no to the people and the things that I did not want in my life and cultured to say no to choices that bring dissatisfaction to me and my loved ones. I learnt to say no to ideas that will cause discontent to all beings around me. It was an important ability that I learnt by myself, with no help from others.

Not very long ago I used to interpret myself from the eyes of others. I hand-me-down to see myself in the third person and talk or act accordingly.

I finished making shallow friendships, vacant promises, and it led to a lot of disappointment for both sides.

We usually run away from ourselves because we don’t think we are enough. We think lowly of ourselves.


Go grab a piece of paper and write down all your achievements. Even the tiniest ones. I wrote down the names of genuine people who accepted me and all my dreams. Draw pictures of where you want to travel and people, you want to meet.

From this exercise, you will learn that you are truly a very unique person. Like each and every one of other. You will have thoughts that could never be the same as anyone else’s.

I have so much potential, so much to be. And this whole time I’ve been creasing it all up and spending energy on constructing a self-image.

Please learn to follow-up the given guidelines:

  1. Never pretend to be okay when you are not facing the reality
  2. Facing the reality is the big deal in life because it teaches to strike away fear, because living with it draws you backwards always.
  3. Never ever, hide what troubles from a trusted relative because in him or her lies the answer for most of your problems and the rest are removed and addressed by you if you learn to realize your worth.
  4. Last and more importantly learn to be positive minded and kill all outlines of negative thinking because they ruin you instead of building you and strengthening you. They fed you with the spirit of retreating instead of advancing

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