10 Ways to Make Your Denim look more catchy

10 Ways to Make Your Denim look more catchy

Jeans are the most modifiable and enduring piece of clothing in anyone’s wardrobe. They come in a plethora of different colors, shapes, sizes, and styles you name it. While it’s simple to pair your most-worn denim with a basic tee for a casual look. You can style your denim in various styles to make it appropriate for almost any function.

Trends come and go, but denim never goes out of style. Fortunately, there are a plethora of street style experts, fashion bloggers, and influencers who have cracked the code for us. You can look to these fashionistas to inspire yourself with their effortlessly cool and classic ensembles. Following the fashion tips of these style gurus, I rounded up a few different ways of styling up your favorite pair of jeans.

Different styles of  wearing Denim
Different styles of wearing Denim

01. Style denim Jeans with a ruffle top and heels

A simple way to style your favorite pair of skinny jeans is with a bright-colored ruffle top with a cute pair of high heels. Match your top to your jewelry for a truly coordinated look that you can wear to work, an outdoor business meeting, or even out to brunch. No wardrobe is complete without a reliable pair of skinnies. And this denim should be at the top of your list. Skinny denim is not only to styled with ruffles, you can wear them with a tee, a blazer. Moreover, it goes best with knitwear, especially with your favorite sweater that you never like to take off in the sweater weather.

Style denim Jeans with a ruffle top and heels.
Style denim Jeans with a ruffle top and heels

02. Wear a white top and jeans with a patterned blazer or coat

A chic blazer or a long coat is one of the simplest ways to dress up a classic pair of ripped jeans. Have some fun with it and go with a pattern rather than a solid this season to make a statement. Don’t worry about the loudness of the blazer. The top will tone it down to perfection. This is also a great way to dress up a plain white tee. Because of their classic style, these ripped skinny jeans will be a go-to in your wardrobe for years to come.

Wear a white top and jeans with a patterned blazer or coat.
Wear a white top and jeans with a patterned blazer or coat

03. Style your Jeans with puff-Sleeved top

Puff-sleeved tops are meant to be worn with denim. Creating little body and size in the tops like puffy sleeves do, is a fun way to style up any denim look. If you have a pair of lengthier jeans in your closet. Try pairing them with a puffy sleeve and enjoy your chic, easy and refined look. In addition, you can throw a classy pair of heels or high boots for an extra dose of style. Ripped and high-waisted jeans serve best when paired with formal tops and accessories.

Style your Jeans with a puff-Sleeved top
Style your Jeans with a puff-Sleeved top

04. Pair up your jeans with bold footwear

The most important styling tip is having fun and experimenting with what you are attracted to. Therefore, have some fun with your denim and try mixing up things. Adding bold footwear in your casual dress-up is a simple way to achieve a unique yet basic look. This is a great hack for those who can’t decide what to wear, just go simple with the top and extra with your block heels. Are you unsure which patterns will work best together, or do they complement each other? Don’t worry! You can easily balance your look with a hat or a pair of heels. An extra denim styling tip is to roll the hems of your boyfriend jeans if you are going for a more classic look. However, you can leave them unrolled for a more refined look.

Pair up your jeans with bold footwear
Pair up your jeans with bold footwear

05. Basic Tee and a Jacket

While it may seem that basic wardrobe items like tee shirts and jeans, and jackets are not for classy gatherings, that is not entirely true. I believe if you have that creative spark in you, you can dazzle up any look. Imagine yourself in a nice vintage jacket, heeled booties, and a classic bag with a sexy red pout on your face, and tell me it is not ootd goals. I have to say that graphic tee and jackets are the best friends to your jeans. So don’t let them apart more often.

Jeans with a basic tee & a vintage jacket.
Jeans with a basic tee & a vintage jacket.

06. Style your skinny Jeans with solid blazer

If you want to keep things simple while still elevating your skinny jeans, try pairing them with a simple solid blazer, heels, and a structured tote. A turtle neck goes a long way in your wardrobe. You can wear a high neck underneath your blazer if it’s cold. However, you can go with a tee shirt or cotton collared button-down for a light summer look. Denim with a solid blazer is a favorite look of many, and for a valid reason. It allows you to easily suit up almost any pair of jeans for a cool, casual, work-appropriate look. Bring the denim joy into your suiting routine.

Style your skinny Jeans with a solid blazer.
Style your skinny Jeans with a solid blazer

07. Wear a off-shoulder top with high-rise jeans

Hey, bestie, let the sunshine rest on these majestic shoulders. Tuck an off-the-shoulder top into your favorite high-rise denim. You can enhance your look’s perfection by adding a belt, heels, and a pop of color to your lips. You can also replace the heels with sneakers to make this look more casual. Off-shoulder tops can work wonders; save this outfit for the day when you need to put under your look’s charm for your benefit.

Wear a off-shoulder top with high-rise jeans.
Wear a off-shoulder top with high-rise jeans

08. Style baggie Jeans with Striped Top

You probably have figured out that I adore the denim looks and jeans. If I have to choose only one pair of jeans to live with I will definitely go for the baggie jeans. Baggies are the easiest to style, and very comfortable to pull off. To bring out the already-cool style of baggie jeans, you can pair them with a neutral striped top, a fun hat, and a mini handbag. In addition, you can add heels to make the outfit look even more put-together. Paper bag jeans or baggie jeans have an ultra-high waist that will look great with your favorite crop tops. This look is an ideal mix of modern and vintage.

Gigi Hadid wearing denim with a striped open shirt.
Gigi Hadid wearing denim with a striped open shirt

09. Style your jeans with silk top

Look no further for the perfect date night ensemble. It’s a simple but effective way to look great no matter what you’re doing. You can definitely style any kind of jeans with a silk top or cami. Denim and silk is a godsent combo one should not take for granted. If you have a sexy silk mini dress but you don’t want to show too much on your first date. Here is a neat solution for you. You can tuck your dress into your jean and you are ready to kill on your date.

Style your jeans with a silk top or cami
Style your jeans with a silk top or cami

10. Denim on denim look

I know not many people are a fan of DOD. But don’t dismiss denim-on-denim until you’ve given it a try! When you combine two different washes of denim with a fun bag and cute sandals, you can achieve an effortlessly elevated look ideal for warm weather. You can also belt your jeans and half-tuck them for a more polished look. For me, denim on denim is the most original and authentic look one can go for. Denim is the staple clothing, and denim on denim look enhances its richness to the most elevated level of style.

Denim on denim look
Denim on denim look

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